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Lisa Mae

Lisa Mae was born in Leischendam in The Netherlands, of Dutch-UK background. After a few years spent time in London in the UK, she living in the Middle East for three years then moved back to The Netherlands before then moving to the UK near London. Lisa Mae then moved to Africa for 3 years before returning to Cornwall England.

Lisa Mae has travelled widely in China, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, UAE, Oman, Namibia, UK and The Netherlands. Her favourite destinations are Spain, London, Cornwall and England.

An early achievements was winning first prize - the Gravesham Shield - for Poetry Reading age 10. More recently she won the most popular piece of artwork for age range 12-15 years at the Exchange Gallery in Penzance, and further exhibited at the exchange Gallery Aug-Sept 2014 - with other local artists.

Lisa Mae exhibited a video "Postcard to Penzance" at the Newlyn Art Gallery 27 March 2014 - a video capturing a day out in the Penzance area - a video that was selected for display from a number of entries.  Lisa Mae is very skilled at video production and editing.

Lisa Mae speaks Dutch, English, French and can also speak some Spanish. She is from an artistic family and is particularly interested in painting, drawing, video-media, music, speaking and fashion. She also enjoys playing the piano whilst singing, football and meeting friends from different backgrounds.

Lisa Mae was awarded A* in her GCSE Art July 2014 - and achieved 100% grade (top percentage possible).

Lisa Mae was awarded "three" prizes in November 2014 from the Mounts Bay Academy in Penzance: 1)  Oscar Winner of the Art & Design; 2) Highly Commended for Attainment in Art; and 3) Highly Commended for Attainment in Biology. The Oscar was the top overall arts prize for the year - out of 180 students.

Lisa Mae attended a two year Diploma Level 3 BTEC in Art & Design at Truro and Penwith College in Penzance from Sept 2014 to June 2016 and achieved a Distinction (she also did an AS Level in Philosophy & Ethics). Lisa Mae also enjoys science and geography.

In Aug 2015, after one year of the Diploma in Art & Design, Lisa Mae achieved a "double distinction star" grade - the highest. Lisa Mae also achieved a top A grade in Philosophy A level (after 50% of the syllabus).   

Her big passion is art – painting in oil/acrylic and drawing and 2D/3D animation.


Lisa Mae has also done a series of ten commissions for oil and water colour paintings as of Sept 2014 - Oct 2015 and actively working with the Young Collaborators at Exchange Art Gallery in Penzance.  Lisa Mae did voluntary work at the Exchange Gallery Penzance Oct 2014 to April 2015.

Lisa Mae also worked in a 2 week placement at ShuttleFish at Canary Warf in 2015 - working in animation - something she really enjoyed.

Lisa Mae's painting are also available via the Tyler Gallery in Mousehole Cornwall - contact Essex Tyler.


Lisa Mae started three year degree course in Art Animation at the University of Hertfordshire (north London) in Oct 2016 - her top choice.



(Special thanks to the Exchange Gallery, Truro & Penwith College and the Mounts bay Academy for their support thus far, along with Shuttlefish in London)


Lisa Mae can be contact on  LisaMaeArt@gmail.com - for instance in case you have any commission work requirements. 




Lisa Mae
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